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technology to make your

  • Save 70% of the data pipeline build cost
  • Save 45% of the data pipeline maintenance cost

Our Solutions

Data Onboarding

5 simple clicks to import your internal and external data to complete your data acquisition process.

DataOps Automation

Seamlessly augment your existing data infrastructure, enabling risk mitigation of data drift and enabling self-healing data pipelines.

Load Canonical Model

Deploy one bot in place of 1000s of data pipelines to import data from various sources to your canonical model.

DaBot’s customers have experienced a 10X acceleration in data onboarding and saved 80% on DataOps spend

Why Choose Us

Reduce Time & Resources

Our AI bots utilize machine learning algorithms to learn from your data, metadata, past runs, and user inputs to streamline the data onboarding process. With DaBot, teams can automate up to 70% of manual efforts, significantly reducing the time and resources required for data ingestion and unification. Customers have experienced a remarkable 10X acceleration, transforming a laborious 1-day task to less than 2 hours for a single data onboarding process.

Focus on Impact

Our AI bots automatically adapt to schema drifts, data drift, disorganized new sources, and flexible target formats. On average, data engineers spend 44% of their time managing pipelines to accommodate these changes. Dabot’s trailblazing solution automates mundane tasks, freeing up data engineering hours, enabling them to concentrate on extracting more meaningful insights for your organization.

Reuse and Share Insights

Data engineers work with various stakeholders, including data scientists, analysts, and business teams, to complete the data onboarding process. However, the valuable data quality rules and mapping information are rarely documented. Our SmartHub technology enables full reuse and sharing of this knowledge throughout your organization.

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